Test benches

Test bench of fuel injection systems (Toledo). It allows obtaining the rates of injection of diesel or/and gasoline fuels.
Test bench for stationary tests of reciprocating internal combustion engines. Power 90 kW. Engine installed: Diesel, Euro 3, with common rail, turbo with waste gate, hot and high pressure EGR, openned ECU and DOC. Displacement 2.2 L. (Toledo).
Test bench for transient and cycles tests of reciprocating internal combustion engines. Power 220 kW. Engine installed: Diesel, Euro 6, with common rail, high pressure and cooled EGR, turbo with variable geometry, DOC, DPF, openned ECU, Displacement 1.6 L
Test bench for testing reciprocating internal combustion engines. Power 175 kW. Engine installed: Diesel, single cylinder, direct injection, independently turbocharged. Displacement 0.5 L (in assembly) (Toledo).
System of Altitude Simulation with Temperature and Humidity Control. Altitude simulated up to 3.000 m. (Toledo).
Single cylinder engine with in cylinder head optical access for studies of fuel sprays under both inert (N2) and reactive (Air) atmosphere. (In assembly) (Toledo).
Reaction microturbine for testing performance with different jet fuels, characterization of hot gaseous sprays and pollutant emissions characterization. (In assembly) (Toledo).
Malvern equipment for particle measurement flowing in gaseous and/or biphasic sprays. (In assembly) (Toledo).
Biphasic flows generator (In assembly) (Toledo).
Equipment of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) (In assembly) (Toledo).

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