Journal Articles (since 2010)


Thermal Engineering Section

R. Zárate-Miñano, P. Fernández-Yáñez, J. de las Morenas, O. Armas. A novel mathematical optimization method to obtain the maximum-power electrical configuration of thermoelectric generators for energy harvesting. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 51, 102613. 2024.

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Thermal Engineering Section

L. Corral-Gómez, O. Armas, J.A. Soriano, J.I. Nogueira, G. Bracho. Spray Momentum Flux Novel Estimation Procedure through the Fuel Rate of Injection Using Hydrogenated Fuels with Single Hole Nozzle Diesel Injector. ACS Omega, 8, 50, 48071-48080, DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.3c06917, 2023.

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Thermal Engineering Section

L. Lešnik, A. Palomar-Torres, E. Torres-Jiménez, C. Mata, J. Volmajer Valh, L. Kevorkijan, I. Biluš. The effect of HDPE and LDPE pyrolytic oils on cavitation formation in a common-rail diesel injector. Fuel, Vol. 330, 125581. 2022.

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Thermal Engineering Section

A. Massaguer, E. Massaguer, J. Ximinis, T. Pujol, M. Comamala, L. Montoro, J.R. Gonzalez, P. Fernández-Yañez, O. Armas. Analysis of an automotive thermoelectric generator coupled to an electric exhaust heater to reduce NOx emissions in a Diesel-powered Euro VI Heavy Duty vehicle. Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal, Vol. 19, 305, pp. 407-412. 2021. 

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Automation & Control Engineering Section

P. Fernández-Yañez, J. A. Soriano, C. Mata, O. Armas, B. Pla, V. Bermúdez. Simulation of optimal driving for minimization of fuel consumption or NOx emissions. Energies 2021, 14(17), 5513; 2021.

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Preprint at Authorea. December 31, 2020. DOI: 10.22541/au.160941731.13277490/v1. 

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section

Rubio-Gomez, G., Corral-Gomez, L., Soriano, J. A., Gomez, A., & Castillo-Garcia, F. J. Vision based algorithm for automated determination of smoke point of diesel blends. Fuel, 235, 595-602. 2019.


Thermal Engineering Section

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section 

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section 

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engieering

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Thermal Engineering Section

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Automation & Control Engineering Section 

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Automation & Control Engineering Section 

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